The advertised price is THE price

11713.1 California Vehicle Code

(e) Fail to sell a vehicle to a person at the advertised total price, exclusive of taxes, vehicle registration fees, the California tire fee, the fee charged by the state for the issuance of a certificate of compliance or noncompliance pursuant to a statute, finance charges, mobile home escrow fees, the amount of a city, county, or city and county imposed fee or tax for a mobilehome, a dealer document processing charge, an electronic registration or transfer charge, and a charge for emission testing not to exceed fifty dollars ($50) plus the actual fees charged for certificates pursuant to Section 44060 of the Health and Safety Code , while the vehicle remains unsold, unless the advertisement states the advertised total price is good only for a specified time and the time has elapsed.  Advertised vehicles shall be sold at or below the advertised total price, with statutorily permitted exclusions, regardless of whether the purchaser has knowledge of the advertised total price.