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Car Dealer Bow Ties

The Jum-Bow is the highest quality and affordable large magnetic car bow on the market. Car Bows are great for holidays and other special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and Valentine’s day. 30″ wide with two 30″ long x 4 1/2″ wide tails. Designed to be used either indoors or outdoors. Made of high […]

Used Car Dealer License

Are you looking to get your California used car dealer license??? California Used Car Dealer Education. Gotplates.com Are you having trouble with the Car Dealer Licensing Test? Private Classes for 1 on 1 Instruction Do you need help with the DMV Dealer Licensing Paperwork? Five Consultants to help you build your dealer license application California […]

Instant Auto Dealer is a Title Wash SCAM

Curbstone task force breaks up fraudulent dealer scheme in East Valley ADOT, Department of Revenue partnership takes down large operation February 26, 2020 PHOENIX – Working to protect people around the country from fraud involving used cars, state investigators have broken up a major criminal operation based in the East Valley that illegally produced tens […]

San Diego Red Flag Template

Senegalese National Admits Impersonating Deceased U.S. Citizen Since 1988 California DMV Investigations Division assisted with investigation SAN DIEGO – On September 12, 2019, Almamy Baba Ly, of La Mesa,  pleaded guilty in federal court to identity theft charges, admitting that he misused the identity of a deceased American citizen for 31 years in order to […]